The Kandersteg Arvenseelein on Sunnbüel is one of the small yet magnificent locations in the Bernese Oberland. But they also lie in an area of great drama: Two glacier falls on Altels in August 1792 and September 1895 killed ten people and 270 animals, as a commemorative plaque in Spittelmatte shows. There is not much ice to be seen on this impressive mountain flank, but the crystal-clear waters in the forest were an eye-catcher. However, the Arvenseeli are not a year-round bijou. In late summer, depending on the weather, nothing but a dry hollow remains of them. So: First of all, get information, otherwise hikers may literally get nothing. 

Helpful hints
Easy hike Sunnbüel - Arvenseeli - Sunnbüel

Arrival: Bus from Kandersteg railway station to Sunnbüel
Special features:  barbecue area at Arvenseeli
Technology:  light, for the whole family
Conditions:  easy
Time:  2 hours
Length:  7 km, hardly any difference in altitude
Season:  June, July