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Camping Rendez-Vous

Camping Rendez-Vous
3718 Kandersteg
Tel. +41 (0)33 675 15 34
Fax +41 (0)33 675 17 37

The Rendez-Vous campsite in Kandersteg is ideally located and is the starting point for countless activities - in summer and winter.
A modern infrastructure such as washing facilities, terrace pitches and an in-house kiosk with a wide range of products await you.
Open all year round.

Camping outside the campsite

Dear guests

A warm welcome! It's nice to have you with us! We hope you enjoy your stay. We would like to point out that camping outside the designated areas in the municipality of Kandersteg is not permitted.

In addition, every overnight stay of natural persons without tax residence in the municipality of Kandersteg is subject to a visitor's tax. Accordingly, we ask you to pay the visitor's tax retrospectively at the Tourist Center:

Tourist Center Kandersteg
Äussere Dorfstrasse 26, 3718 Kandersteg Tel.: + 41 33 675 80 80

Kandersteg has also experienced a camping boom due to the Corona situation, among other things, which is why the municipality is working on regulating all aspects of camping in the municipal area and creating alternatives (including pitches).

Until then, we ask you to refrain from camping outside the designated areas, among others to protect nature and animals.

In addition to Camping Rendez-Vous, the following options are available in Kandersteg:

Nationales Nordisches Skizentrum Kandersteg
Swisscom Nordic Arena, Büelweg 20, 3718 Kandersteg, Tel.: +41 33 675 80 90

Kandersteg International Scout Centre
Wagetiweg 7, 3718 Kandersteg, Tel.: +41 33 675 82 82

Allmenbahnstrasse 23, 3718 Kandersteg, Tel.: +41 675 16 90

Protection of nature and wildlife

The decomposition time of waste can last from a few weeks to several thousand years. As a result, the soil or water is polluted with pesticides, microplastics and harmful chemicals. We therefore ask you to always take your waste home and dispose it according to the principle of waste separation. In this way, you are not only doing something good for the environment, but also for yourself and future generations.