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Gasterntal Sermon

First Sunday of August - "bi dä Hüserä" at Selden

The Gastern sermon has been given for many years now on the first Sunday of August. Surrounded by the impressive landscape of the Gasterntal valley, this traditional service is held outdoors in warm weather.
The sermon is held in a perfect setting which is enhanced by the contribution made by the members of the music society of Kandersteg. The historic Gastern Bible, dating from the year 1696, can be viewed in the summer in Hotel Steinbock in Selden. In the event of bad weather, the service is alternatively held in Hotel Gasterntal or in Restaurant Steinbock.

Bus and car traffic

It is essential to make a reservation if you wish to ride on the Gasterntal bus.
You must have a driving permit if you wish to drive your car in the area. Access up the valley is from 9.45 to 10.05 am (from 10.45 it is no longer possible to drive to Selden).