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Hiking badge

Discover our region on foot!
No other region in the Alps offers such a wide variety of hiking trails and mountain huts as Kandersteg and the Kandertal. Pack your backpack and discover the most beautiful places and the most discerning mountain huts in our area.

All those who reach the required milestones and huts and collect the corresponding number of stamps or passwords will be presented with the hiking badge at the Tourism Office in return for the payment of a small fee.

Mountain hut hiking trophy

Discover the mountain huts around Kandersteg, some of which are within the UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can collect the appropriate stamps in each mountain hut. Once you have visited several huts, you can collect the badges at the tourist office (CHF 5.50 per badge).

Hiking rucksack

Various posts around Kandersteg are provided with passwords. You have to collect at least four of the six solution words per category to get the desired badge.