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Yodelling is singing without words, with frequent alternations between the normal chest voice and falsetto and a wide range of pitch. It is thought that yodelling probably originated in mountainous and inaccessible regions of the world. It was used as a way for people to communicate with each other by calling over great distances.
Shepherds, gatherers and people who worked in the forests were already communicating with each other by yodelling in prehistoric times. By yodelling, people could communicate from one Alpine pasture to another as well as call the cattle home .

The tradition of this long-established indigenous and communal form of singing is maintained in the Kandersteg Yodelling Club.
Similarly, the local women practice dancing in traditional costumes so that they are always ready to put on a show.

The local music society will also impress you with its traditional wind band, which lends just the right happy atmosphere to any occasion.

All of these preserved traditions can be admired at guest evenings, to which you are welcome!